garage door repair oshawa

Garage Door Repair Oshawa

Garage Door Maintenance

Thorough preventive services are the bread and butter of your garage door! When you trust the diligence and experience of our staff at Garage Door Repair Oshawa, ON, you can rely on the convenience of your opener and the good performance of the door. We offer professional maintenance services in the Oshawa area for years and have experience in residential doors and operating systems used in Ontario. Our company offers regular annual service, routine inspections and opener maintenance any time convenient to you and assures you that our technicians are experts in their work and on time.

Why trust our garage door maintenance service?Garage Door Maintenance Oshawa

Local homeowners can depend on our services because we provide residential garage door maintenance in Oshawa. Every single professional of our team is up to date trained, experienced and equipped to thoroughly examine and maintain all types of home garage doors. We fix garage door operators by Genie, Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Craftsman and a large number of manufacturers and do meticulously check the reverse system and the photo eyes of your system. The safety of the customer is top at the list of our agenda and that’s why we maintain the entire operating system down to the last detail. We begin with an overall garage door inspection in order to determine the possible weaknesses, problems and things we ought to do, and proceed with the required repairs.

Enjoy your garage door by trusting our maintenance

Some of the things we do during maintenance include:

*Garage door adjustment

* Proper examination of springs, cables, pulleys, rollers and tracks

* Fastener tightening

* Regularly maintenance lubrication

* Opener inspection and repair

* Reverse mechanism testing

* Travel limit and door force testing, and much more

We inspect the system from top to bottom, proceed with garage door troubleshooting if the door fails to close well or some other parts don’t function properly, align parts and check the wires.

What the benefits of our annual service are?

The door works accurately, noises are eliminated, the parts’ behavior is improved, problems are prevented, security and safety are both ensured, and the lifespan of the whole system is definitely extended.

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